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High Blood Pressure Causes

by Internet Archive Book Images According to the American Heart Association’s website one in three adults has high blood pressure but only 78.7 percent of them were aware of their condition. The website went on to point out that even though many times the cause of hypertension isn’t known, it is easily detected and usually… Read More »

Risks of High Blood Pressure

by mike.cerrillo Everyone who has ever been to the doctor has had their blood pressure (BP) checked. Without this you wouldn’t be able to live. The blood could not circulate though out the body and carry oxygen to your vital organs. One in every five Americans has hypertension! You can live for many years with… Read More »

How to Lower High Blood Pressure

by AstroSamantha Caused by the pressure of blood in your arteries being excessive, high blood pressure can affect anyone. Having a one off reading does not mean you are suffering from the condition. However, if you continue to experience high readings, there are some simple steps you can take to lower high blood pressure. There… Read More »

Herbs and High Blood Pressure

by Army Medicine High blood pressure is a silent killer, as there are very few symptoms prior to a heart attack or stroke. While high blood pressure can occur at any age, the older we get, the more likely it is to be a problem. It is estimated that one in three people have high… Read More »