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Gouptec New Personal Care Health Electronic Sleeping Treatment Instrument Sleep Insomnia Therapeutic Instrument Apparatus

Feature: Electricity source, three 5, 1.5 v batteries;(the battery does not include!!! Power consumption: when the load is 500 million. Output waveform: for asymmetric composite wave pulse signals, intermittent,The density, continuous waveform Within the scope of the output pulse frequency: 0-2000 hz. Output voltage range: 0-30 vp – P continuous adjustable,No more than 70 largest… Read More »

Personal Features Concerning Benzodiazepine Abuse

Benzodiazepine is a tranquilizer kind of substance that involves Valium, Ativan, and also Xanax as the familiar brands. This is included in the listing of the most often abused prescription drugs in the USA. People using benzodiazepine without prescription are after the sedating effects, later on turning out to be addiction. Physicians recommend this drug… Read More »