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LAPD Launches 'Felony Threat Investigation' Into Charlie Sheen According to the lawsuit, Ross found text messages on Sheen's phone indicating that a "hit" had been placed on her ex-husband. Two months later, the suit alleges, Ross told Sheen … When Sheen ended their engagement by text message in October 2014 … Read more on NBCNews.com… Read More »

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Man' drugs led to woman's death The criminal complaint states that Skalitzky claimed that Manske continued to ask for more methadone, but he refused to give her more because of her history of drug abuse. The complaint … He also told officers he gave Manske two Valium pills … Read more on WiscNews Honda HRX217K5VKA… Read More »

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¿Es crucial tener en cuenta la fecha de vencimiento? "Un período de dos o tres años es muy cómodo, desde el punto de vista comercial", indica Mark van Arandonk, director de desarrollo farmacéutico en Pharmacia & Upjohn Inc. Pese a este reconocimiento, las empresas coinciden en negar que la presunta … Read more on Proexpansion… Read More »

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The X Factor Australia's Mahalia Simpson defends mentor Dannii Minogue The magazine also reported that while in her role as judge for the UK's version of the reality show, Kylie's younger sister had a slew of demands. 'She travelled by private jet as a perk, but she acted like it was her right,' a source… Read More »