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Battery Killers

by Alex E. Proimos Ever wonder what kills a cell phone battery? It would be easy if there was just one answer, but it is far more complex than that. The fact is that there are many different things that can kill your cell phone battery, and most of the time it’s caused by the… Read More »

Prescription Drug Abuse: The Ultimate Cure Guide for How to Overcome A Prescription Drug Addiction (Pain Pill, Opiate, Vicodin, Oxycontin, Pain Killers, Detox, Recovery)

Discover How To Overcome Your Prescription Drug Addiction For Life! Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device! You’re about to discover a proven strategy on how to overcome your prescription drug addiction for the the rest of your life. Millions of people suffer from a prescription drug addiction and throw away… Read More »

Migraine gene discovery could lead to new pain killers

by Viewminder Migraine gene discovery could lead to new pain killers  “Migraine sufferers could have their headaches switched off after researchers discovered a gene that acts like a pain thermostat in the brain”. The “once in a generation” finding could allow scientists to create a new generation of drugs that can simply turn down up… Read More »