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Immune System Fights Cancer

by Markus Grossalber The human immune system can cease the development of a malignant tumor without exterminating it, as proven by a new research. This outcome aids in the understanding of why people experience abrupt discontinuances of growth of some tumors that lead to their dormant phases and how sometimes immune system supplements may prove… Read More »

The Coconut Oil Miracle: Use Nature’s Elixir to Lose Weight, Beautify Skin and Hair, Prevent Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes, Strengthen the Immune System, Fifth Edition

A completely revised and updated guide for maximizing the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil   For years, The Coconut Oil Miracle has been a reliable guide for men and women alike. Now in its fifth edition, this revised and updated version has even more information on the benefits of coconut oil and shows… Read More »

Stress, immune system and age

by Internet Archive Book Images As ageing is associated with immunological changes, the effects of stress and age are interlinked where a deregulation of the immune function can have a significant impact on physical health. On the other hand stess can both enhance and increase the effects of aging, with older adults often showing greater… Read More »