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Anti-bacterial Fish Remedy by SunGrow — Promotes regrowth of damaged fin and tissue – Repairs open wounds and ulcers- Healthier & Happier Pet in just 3 days – Effective for Gram-Positive Bacteria

SunGrow realizes how susceptible your ornamental fish can be due to the presence of the opportunistic and disease-causing pathogenic bacteria in the fish tank. In order to eliminate the common bacterial infections in fish effectively, it has manufactured a highly effective antibacterial powder – SunGrow Antibacterial Fish Remedy. So, protect your guppies, black koi, goldfish,… Read More »

Fish Aid (250mg 100ct capsules)

We are the ONLY seller on Amazon whose facility is State Licensed and FDA Registered. We GUARANTEE our products authenticity. EXP 06/18 Fish Aid 250mg 100 count capsules are for the treatment of common bacterial infections in ornamental fish designed specifically for use battling bacterial diseases associated with marine and freshwater ornamental fish, including: eye… Read More »