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Is Barrett’s Esophagus The Grim Reaper For Esophageal Cancer?

Barrett’s esophagus, also known as Barrett esophagus, can result from chronic, repeated back up of stomach acid and contents (also known as acid reflux) into the esophagus. As this process continues over time, the esophageal tissues are repeatedly injured. The body has a wonderful coping mechanism when injured: It attempts to heal injuries with new… Read More »

What is esophagus?

What is esophagus? Esophagus is a hollow tube like muscular structure connecting mouth to the stomach and mainly resides in the neck and chest part f the body. It passes food from mouth to the stomach. Diseases of esophagus cause difficulty in deglutition, difficulty swallowing as well retrosternal pain or heaviness. Common Diseases of Esophagus… Read More »

CxHxFxUxUx – Excessive Amounts Of Valium Were Found In The Esophagus During Extensive Autopsy

Track 1 from the split with SPASTIC EXTREMITY DECORATION. Song: Excessive Amounts Of Valium Were Found In The Esophagus During Autopsy [Session 16] Band: Carcinomatous Hepatocancrogastrojejunostomy Following Ureterarterialnecroticfaciotomy and Urethropancrejejuniumuterostomy Genre: Gorenoise CxHxFxUxUx are: The Love Doctor – Drums/Bass/Vomits Contact: thelovedoctor.gorenoise@gmail.com All music written and performed by CxHxFxUxUx [2013]. All tracks recorded in early 2013.… Read More »