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Zolpidem, zopiclone et conduite automobile de la personne âgée: Utilisation de zolpidem et zopiclone chez la personne âgée: quels risques pour la … (Omn.Univ.Europ.) (French Edition)

L’insomnie, définie comme un manque subjectif de sommeil est un trouble très fréquent, au point d’être devenue un problème de santé publique. Physiologiquement, le sommeil devient moins réparateur avec le vieillissement et les personnes âgées sont très souvent concernées par l’insomnie, sollicitant ainsi leur médecin traitant pour obtenir une ordonnance contenant un médicament hypnotique. Les… Read More »

Over the Counter Natural Cures, Expanded Edition: Take Charge of Your Health in 30 Days with 10 Lifesaving Supplements for under $10

Pay Less. Live Healthier. Stop Taking Worthless Prescription Drugs and Overhyped Supplements that Sabotage Your Health. Americans are under attack. Obesity, lethargy, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are ghastly epidemics. Worse, most drugs can make you even more sick! Why is this happening? Because no one tells you the truth: Millions of dollars are made… Read More »

Jonas and Kovner’s Health Care Delivery in the United States, 11th Edition

Each of the 16 chapters potentially stand alone in value to the reader, but together they integrate public health and medical care delivery topics effectively… Whatever comes to pass until the release of the next edition, this text will certainly poise future healthcare leaders to steady themselves for the rapidly changing healthcare environment. Zachary Pruitt,… Read More »

Herbal Antibiotics, 2nd Edition: Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug-resistant Bacteria

With antibiotic-resistant infections on the rise, herbal remedies present a naturally effective alternative to standard antibiotics. Herbal expert Stephen Harrod Buhner explains the roots of antibiotic resistance, explores the value of herbal treatments, and provides in-depth profiles of 30 valuable plants, noting the proper dosages, potential side effects, and contraindications of each. HERBAL ANTIBIOTICS

Pathophysiology of Blood Disorders, Second Edition

The acclaimed full-color review of the underlying principles of blood diseases and disorders – based on a Harvard Medical School hematology courseLANGE Pathophysiology of Blood Disorders, Second Edition is a well-illustrated, easy-to-absorb introduction to the physiological principles underlying the regulation and function of blood cells and hemostasis, as well as the pathophysiologic mechanisms responsible for… Read More »