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Keep Anxiety Away

by Andrea Kirkby Anxiety is a hassls to a peaceful life. Here are some ways of keeping clear of it. Anxiety is brought about by chaotic thoughts. Sometimes you think too much because of the things you have to do. The excessive mental clutter can turn you into a nervous wreck and might make you… Read More »

Anxiety and Insomnia

by bandita Anxiety and insomnia often go together as let’s face it anxiety isn’t much of a recipe for a good night’s sleep. Anxiety can quite often be the very cause of the insomnia itself, as being constantly anxious and worried will often keep people awake at night. The reverse is often true as well… Read More »

Social Anxiety Test

by electrofervor Here is a social anxiety test will help you to determine if you are a victim of social anxiety. This disorder is more common than you may think. People all over the globe battle with this problem. It has been proven that 7-8% of the world’s population face this disorder. Answer the questions… Read More »

Anxiety Medication

by Caitlinator Whether you just survived your last panic attack, or if you are already undergoing anxiety treatment, a very effective way to keep you falling back to loss of control is to keep yourself occupied. Try a new hobby. Find something new to do. Learn a new instrument, try blogging, reading a book, engage… Read More »