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The Why Accutane is Awful Book

The book is all about the pharmaceutical drug, Accutane: • My experience with Accutane. • The science behind Accutane. • This drug’s precarious relationship with the FDA. • Information about concealed studies. • Emerging information.• How to deal with persistent side effects from the drug. • What this drug teaches us about big-pharma. Content is… Read More »

A Skilled Attorney Can Help You If You Suspect Accutane Caused Your Crohn’s Colitis Disease

by nolageek Crohn’s colitis disease can cause tremendous difficulty, and not only in a physical sense. Although the pain and discomfort felt as a result of the disease can be difficult to deal with for anyone, Crohn’s disease can also lead to severe emotional problems and even perhaps financial problems, especially if expensive Crohns treatment… Read More »

What You Can Do If Taking Accutane Caused Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms

by nolageek Ulcerative colitis is a medical condition that can cause severe pain. ulcerative colitis symptoms include abdominal pain, cramps and bloody diarrhea among many others. The condition is known to be caused by a number of genetic factors as well as diet and in recent findings, studies have shown that those who took Accutane… Read More »