Symptoms For High Blood Pressure

By | December 6, 2017

The big problem with high blood pressure is that it has no symptoms in the early stages. People with high blood (HB) pressure do not feel differently from normal. Even if some organ damage has occured, symptoms may still may be bot noticeable. Even very HB pressure that causes serious kidney damage may sometimes be present for many months before they cause any symptoms. But there are some minor signs that can be the symptoms of HB pressure.

When it reaches about 180/120 then some symptoms can occur:breathlessness or slight exertion, chiefly headache. These symptoms are very common but they do happen more often in people with HB pressure. The headaches can be a sign or a warning of early damage to retina or the arteries of the brain, which requires urgent control to prevent serious problems.

Breathlessness can be the main symptom. It is very difficult to find a single cause, for example breathlessness can also happen in people who are just overweight. A lot of people get headaches from tension, anxiety and minor virus infections, such headaches which are common in people with HB pressure.

The risk of bleeding from the arteries into the retina or brain is also increased, especially for people who are over 50. Small bleeds and nosebleeds into the white of the eye can occur in people with HB pressure, although this kind of a bleeding is also common for people with normal Blood pressure.

Some people also have palpitations (hearing or feeling your own heart beat fast) when they find out that they have this condition. So they assume this can also be a symptom. Palpitations often happen not because it is a symptom but because of fear of HB pressure. Others notice that their heart seems to miss a beat and the pulse seems irregular. But in reality these have nothing to do with the disease itself.

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