Symptoms And Treatment Of Anxiety Disorder

By | December 25, 2017

We live in a society where stress is just a part of daily living. With tough financial times and both the job and real estate markets plummeting simultaneously, stress and anxiety in society is higher than ever. If you are suffering from chronic stress, it can feel overwhelming, and it can feel like you are fighting it alone. The fact is that one in four Americans today are suffering from overwhelming anxiety, but the good news is, it CAN be treated.
Anxiety Disorder is a condition that occurs when your stress and anxiety reach levels that are debilitating to your quality of life. In today’s day and age, when you can’t find a job or sell your house, your quality of life is already effected, and these are triggers enough to start you on your way to a more serious condition called Anxiety Disorder. If you are struggling with chronic anxiety and think you may need some help, here you will find the symptoms and treatment of one of the most common mental health problems today.
You are probably familiar with many of the symptoms of anxiety disorder, particularly if you are dealing with overwhelming stress on a daily basis. You may only experience one or two of these symptoms on occasion, and in more serious cases, four or more symptoms on a regular basis. You may find yourself worrying almost all of the time, and this will lead to difficulties in concentrating as well. Feeling irritable and fatigued on a regular basis are also symptoms if you are spending a lot of energy on worry. More serious symptoms will include those that effect your cardiovascular system, such as dizziness and an irregular heartbeat. Sometimes chronic anxiety can also lead to abdominal or digestive troubles that at their best, are awkward and uncomfortable, and at worst, downright embarrassing.
Now that you know what some of the basic symptoms are of chronic anxiety, you can take some comfort in the notion that these symptoms are not permanent. Nobody suffers from anxiety their whole life, and you CAN take control back of your mental health. Self -help techniques such as relaxation, meditation, and yoga are very useful in calming the body and mind when stressed. Sometimes these methods alone are enough to alleviate stress. When these methods do not work, trying prescription medication such as Xanax in conjunction with cognitive therapy works wonders in effectively treating all major anxiety symptoms.
While it is true that medication like Xanax will relieve your anxiety symptoms, remember that your anxiety has a number of causes and sources, and so your treatment of such will need to be multi-layered as well. Medication will target the symptoms of your anxiety, but it does not get rid of the root problem. Seeking cognitive behavioural therapy to resolve your fears and worries in conjunction with a relaxation regime and medication such as Xanax will be the most comprehensive multi-layered solution to extinguishing those anxiety symptoms for good.

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