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By | April 15, 2016

Doctors told to avoid prescribing opiates for chronic pain
Doctors aren't legally obligated to follow the recommendations, which are intended for adult patients, but such directives often have influence. The CDC hopes the guidelines will help doctors determine when to begin or continue opiates for chronic …

Marijuana conference sheds light on unintended consequences
Also google 75.5% of all legal medical cannabis patients no longer buy and use big pharms dope. ( I been off valium, perecettes, and oxys VA dope since 2000 when my new chronic pain medicine for my back injury in 1990 and arthritis, I haven't taken any …

This couple is living happily ever after because of marijuana
He talked about “being numb from large doses of Valium and methadone.” The medications disconnected Glenn from the family, which hurt their marriage and their kids, the couple … Some clients simply do not want to do anything that involves smoke. Also …
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