Immune System Fights Cancer

By | March 7, 2018

The human immune system can cease the development of a malignant tumor without exterminating it, as proven by a new research. This outcome aids in the understanding of why people experience abrupt discontinuances of growth of some tumors that lead to their dormant phases and how sometimes immune system supplements may prove helpful


Researchers name this cessation of cancer as a state of “equilibrium.” In this phase the immune system drops the potency of the cancer to progress and terminate some malignant cells, but it does not prove sufficient to eradicate or lessen the tumor.


During the research, scientists introduced small doses of a carcinogen chemical to mice and further studied those mice that grew small stable masses at the site of the chemical injection. Researchers observed these masses advanced into full scale cancers when they immobilized specific mechanisms of the mice’s immune systems. This proposes that the immune system can constrain the development of malignant tumors.


A professor with the Cancer Immunology Program at the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia, Mark J. Smith, Ph.D. remarked that medical professionals can employ immunotherapy to artificially stimulate the state of equilibrium in the future, which may result in making cancer a persistent but containable disease. It is possible that immune system supplements may help as well.


He also added that those in the medical field now regard appropriate immune function as another essential dynamic in the preclusion of some cancer growth. Advancement of this research and clinical substantiation of this practice may also modify well-known cancers into a chronic illness, comparable to other serious conditions that people can keep in check with long-term medication use.


The immune system of the body can identify cancerous cells and strike these tumors with the same tools used to exterminate attacking microorganisms, according to the cancer immuno-surveillance theory. At present immunotherapy practices utilize pharmaceutical instruments verses immune system supplements to augment the likelihood the immune system can discern and strike these malignant cells. However, this theory lost its supporters and a new paradigm called cancer immuno-editing emerged in 2001.


The theory of cancer immuno-editing proposes that inconsistencies between the immune system and malignant cells naturally develop, but it results three different conclusions. The first one states the immune system can eradicate cancer, terminating the condition completely. The second outcome says the immune system can develop some stability with cancer by constraining its growth but not completely exterminate it. The last outcome, the most unfavorable of the three, says the cancer can break away from the immune system and worsen its malignancy.


Keeping up a strong and healthy immune system proves important in maintaining good health and making an environment wherein the body conveniently has everything essential available to heal. Also, you must recognize the significance of the emotional and mental condition on the physical body. Stress in that of itself can significantly weaken the immune response.