How to Lower High Blood Pressure

By | December 28, 2017

Caused by the pressure of blood in your arteries being excessive, high blood pressure can affect anyone. Having a one off reading does not mean you are suffering from the condition. However, if you continue to experience high readings, there are some simple steps you can take to lower high blood pressure.

There are some groups more susceptible to suffering high blood pressure.

If you smoke regularly, try to cut down. This obviously is not easy, so try and seek some help from friends, family or your physician. Cutting out just one or two cigarettes a day will have some effect, but of course, the less the better.

If you struggle with weight issues, again turn to your doctor for help. They will be able to guide you to a healthy, sustainable program of healthy eating and exercise. Even losing a small amount of weight can reduce symptoms dramatically.

Stress can also be a major factor in developing high blood pressure. If you are in a stressful career, see if you can get some help with your workload from your employer, or take a break from the office to recharge your batteries.

Even if you are not in a high risk group, adhering to the above suggestions are wise to help combat high blood pressure.

Try to maintain a healthy diet. High amounts of fish, vegetables and fruit, whilst keeping ready meals and processed foods to a minimum will be beneficial.

You should also try to cut down on your alcohol intake. A natural blood pressure accelerant, daily alcohol consumption will trigger any symptoms and exacerbate any existing condition.

Finally, regular exercise is invaluable. No one expects you to spend hours in the gym, but a brisk walk each day, or any activity that gets you slightly out of breath after twenty minutes will be suffice to lower blood pressure levels considerably.

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