How To Buy Ambien Legally

By | April 14, 2016

How To Buy Ambien Legally

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state lawmakers hope the controversy over the white case will focus public attention on the growing problem of drugged driving. it’s difficult to detect – and hard to prosecute under current state law. stuart dyson is live in the newsroom with what the lawmakers are working on. first let’s remember that although kathleen white was suspected of drugged driving – a hospital drug test cleared her of being under the influence of opiate drugs – and a neurologist diagnosed a seizure – but it was that suspicion that led to the whole mess culminating with her husband’s sudden retirement this afternoon. the main problem with drugged driving cases is that there are no scientifically established levels for intoxication and impairment – unlike the point oh eight blood alcohol level for drunk driving – that can allow defense lawyers to blow holes through the prosecution’s case. retired cop bill rehm. ” there is no literature or test that’s ever been conducted that shows that at whatever level you are impaired – and let’s take the most abused drug – valium – there’s nothing for valium out there.” then there’s the misguided idea that if it’s a legal prescription drug taken properly you’re in the clear – unlike illegal drugs. lawyer moe maestas. ” and if you’re impaired by a prescription drug it’s still dwi – you should not drive if you’ve taken a high dose of painkillers or anti-anxiety or anti-depression medicine that leaves you impaired to drive a car.” rehm and maestas say they’ll try again with legislation that attempts to set guidelines for drugged driving – this time they’ll have the white case – and the drugged driving conviction of well known lawyer ron bell – to help keep the issue in the public eye. most common drugs for drug driving – marijuana among the illegal ones – and valium – xanax – percoset – vicodin among the prescription drugs – back to you.
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  1. Evan Levow

    Drugged driving is very difficult to show. But as stated, anytime there's a warning label on a prescription drug, that warning should be followed.

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