Is diazepam used for vertigo

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is diazepam used for vertigo

Their use as vestibular suppressants should therefore be limited in time. In theory, these agents might be less effective for vestibular elicited emesis than agents with other pharmacologic actions. While vestibular diagnosis has tremendously evolved with the development of new instruments vHIT video Head Impulse Test and VEMP vestibular evoked myogenic potentials , just to mention a few examples the treatment of vestibular pathology has undergone many changes not so much by the discovery of new medications, but rather by the use of medications originally used for non-vestibular pathologies. As patients age, vertigo becomes an increasingly common presenting complaint. Am J Otolaryngol Also, here you will find a brief overview of what essential oils are and different ways of application.

I've tried both Antivert and Valium. They both seemed to help me ever so slightly, but not enough to continue bothering with them. Pearl seems to be having better luck with the Valium than I had. The quoted material above was obtained from a website operated by the University of Iowa, so take it with a grain of salt. Patti, When my dizziness showed no sign of improvement, actually worsened 3 months post-op now one year today post-op , Dr.

It has given me some of my life back. It is addictive, and going off suddenly is not a good experience. Either way, see what your doc says about Klonopin. Frankly, I don't care if it's addictive, if it helps one function when exercises and all other types of "retraining" don't work first Pre-op, no over-the-counter drug was helping with my tension headaches caused by dizziness.

I thought it was a miracle drug. As far as helping the vertigo If the headaches are derived from vertigo, I guess that would mean Valium did help with my dizziness but I mainly used it for the headache. I'm thinking of not taking it anymore though if it will delay my balance recovery. If it does indeed suppress the other side from compensating, it seems like a bad idea to take the Valium What do you all think?

Btw, I do not have severe "spinning" vertigo. Just checked in wikipedia: December 04, , I was taking valium 2mg prn for restless leg syndrome before I found my AN. I had my balance nerve removed, and the first few days post op i was put on valium for the vertigo, i found it really helped. Of course i was very bad at the time. Personally i think the best way to help your vertigo problem is to do your vestibular exercises every day 3 or 4 times a day, and practice the 'moves' that you make on a regular basis.

I found that helped emmensly Take Care Kat. I realize that this is an old posting, but absolutely valium does help with vertigo. It is one of the very few meds that suppresses the vestibular system. Also, it is the only benzo i. Doctors are hesitant to prescribe it because of the bad rep it has from the s and s when everyone had Valium in their medicine cabinet. It does take a high dosage to be effective. I have been on 40mg a day for several years, and while my condition is so sever that it doesn't resolve it, it does reduce it enough that it basically saved my life.

So you have to ask your doctor for it and not in 2mg or 5mg dosages. Also, it has to be in your system before the vertigo starts for it to be most effective. Hi Paul and welcome. This certainly is an old post! Still relevant, after all of this time. We like to remind everyone that "individual results may vary" depending on each AN'er's journey. Do you have an AN that is being treated by higher dose of Valium?

Many AN treating physicians recommend low dose ie: Suffered progressive ringing in one ear and eventual total functional hearing loss. Military Dr's wrote it off as affect of change in humidity etc. Diagnosed with Meniere's syndrome 8 years later. Rx'd 5mg diazepam prn and have been using sporadically ever since. The Rx stops the spinning dizziness before nausea sets in. I am 72 now and have been using it when needed for 36 years now. But does wonders for the dizziness and prevents nausea and vomiting.

Anonymous taken for 10 years or more September 18, Any way after being fobbed off with being diagnosed with menieres Dizzytam November 12, If I wake up and I am dizzy or if I'm dizzy for an extended period of time before taking diazepam, the diazepam works for a few hours but the dizziness comes back. I do get sleepy with the medication because I don't take it very frequently but I am able to work while taking it unless I have to take multiple doses and then I am extremely groggy.

My doseage is 5 mg. This medication has been extremely helpful in treating my dizziness. MichelleRenee August 5, But can no longer afford the brand. So, I have to try the generic. Time will tell if it works. Insurance will pay for the generic not Valium. The generic does not work the same. Dizzy Dee May 16, When I was 5 years old I suffered a concussion, when I was 13 years old I suffered another concussion from a 90 mph fastball to the head.

My parents thought I was a typical stubborn teen until they took me to have my hearing tested and found I had 30db of hearing loss. Two years ago I started experiencing unexplained falls and roaring in my ear. The Dr prescribed low dose Valium. It changed my life! MyLife January 28, My ear doctor gave me valium to treat the ear instead of surgery he did not think surgery would help after a month of vertigo.

Afterwards I had a fear whether it will come back. For years I would avoid heights because my first vertigo was on the upper deck of the freeway. I will say people do not understand some one that has vertigo for a long period of time. The valium helped but so did therapy". Sugar pie taken for 2 to 5 years January 18, Taken only as needed and makes me feel human again. Menieres so depressing, I will take any small side effects happily. Had menieres for over 25 years. Don't like to take Allopathic December 22, The only medicine that has helped me to live with the episodes loss of balance, vertigo, dis-equilibrium has been valium.

Because valium suppresses the central nervous system, it helps me to cope. I brought an article about diazepam to my doctor and she prescribed it for me. I would usually only use 5mg when I had an attack but the attacks now seem like an everyday thing. I started taking 5mg daily in the AM and find that I finally feel like a normal person, able to focus better in my daily like instead of trying to tune out the ringing in my ears and the sensitivity to noise. Also my computer screen no longer makes me nauseous.

I do not normally like to take any meds but will make an exception now since I feel like I have my life back. Windy76 taken for 5 to 10 years October 27, I'm a mailman and almost lost my job because of frequent attacks. I found out that popping 5mg of diazepam Valium brought me right out of the vertigo attacks and I could resume driving. I later discovered by taking 20mg of Furosemide and 5mg of Valium in the morning would keep me from having any attacks for over 3 years.

I feel like I'm blessed. The only problem is the diuretics can cause kidney problems that's why I had to cut my dosage in half. I hope this helps somebody. Dave Carlson September 4, I have been suffering from lower back pain and neck pain radiating thru my face and brain. I started to get anxious and panic attacks in the last 2 months. I blamed that on stress and pain. Then I started having symptom of vertigo. My primary care physician tried a typical drug..

Then he prescribed Valium after hesitating for the vertigo and I feel like a different person already. I am more relaxed, less pain and no dizziness so far just a little wobbly the first hour I hope it works for the long run! Sleeping willow August 14, It got to the point that I literally thought I may die one day, since the spinning would rarely get so fast that I couldn't see.

It was making my life more of a hell than an actual life, as I was scared to leave my house. I just can't explain to you how much it has helped me!! I have my life back!


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