Diazepam 10 mg vs xanax 1mg barstool

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Otherwise there's nothing to hype about 10mg pill,even if its used first time. Valium is better if you're planning on taking a benzo for an extended amount of time x days in a row. I am confused - the blood alcohol level is shown as 0. Not being treated at this time but he consumes large amounts of alcohol and turns mean. I need to know if you give a 30 lb dog mg of ambiem will it put her to sleep?

Last year my doctor pushed it to 4 mg per day. Am I at risk? As with the other posters, my memory is terrible. OCD must be really bad then…. Lets both hope the study was messed up. It is important to know that at the time he made this decision, I also had been taking the fullest doses of pristiq and fullest doses of wellbutrin together.

I am still on lamictal and tapering off of Xanax. I still take the smallest amounts of Xanax, I have always had a healthy respect for any addictive meds. Since I was taken off of wellbutrin and pristiq everyone noticed how good my memory was and is and how alert and clear minded. I could tell a difference immediately, and after going through a rough withdrawal from these two meds.. I guess also like the previous person commented on this issue earlier in this blog, I have always wondered if in fact memory can be clouded from many different things including the disorders I have without meds..

I guess I can revert back to agoraphobia.. My withdrawal from clonazepam remains a very raw and very painful matter for me, and very difficult to revisit. I find myself wanting to be of help, if I can, to others who are curious about withdrawing; are contemplating or planning to; or are already in the process. NEXT I would give myself time to think about how I would approach and manage the withdrawal if I had to manage it with very little support or well meaning but fundamentally erred support from my doctor and support system and family and friends, etc.

THEN… I would be prepared to the best of my ability to broach the topic of withdrawal with my doctor and navigate whatever conversations might ensue. I have been taking temazepam 15 mg. I read your article about memory loss. I have been steadily getting memory loss. I have trouble thinking of names, things, places, etc. I have been off of it at times for maybe a week, due to the VA not getting them to me on time. The only drawback was not sleeping thru the nite, waking up several times.

I have some xanax generic. Can memory come back? I enjoy your column in the Dallas Morning News. Did these studies adequate control for that confounder? If not, how might a future study address this issue? Creative personal-power counseling, in addition to ordinary patient education re use of various tools and concepts to gain control, would make all the difference in some of these patients. But there is no money for enough well-trained staff to do that counseling.

Instead, the only emphasis is on keeping the unit safe, i. Of course there are people who really do need, and benefit from, certain drugs. But overall, the mental health system does fervently, and continuously, push meds over all other interventions, and chide and punish those who resist. Because drugs are so much cheaper and easier than anything else!

A few months ago I was transferred from a private facility in London to a mental health facility in Florida. While the facility was clean and patients seemed satisfied with the care they received, I was quite upset. After a few days of asking for help besides meds , I finally gave up, shut up and did my time….. Thanks for your comments!

Or just sell the idea to the boss for brownie points: I have been taking lorazepam for 25 years. Have an adrenal tumor which affects my BP, pulse rate, and regularity of heart beat. Surgery is not an option for me due to clotting factor abnormalities. This information has set my anxieties off and scared me intensely especially both from the insurer deciding what I can have or limiting the amount.

So far I am doing fine and have a good cognitive ability. I was on 1mg of clonzapam for three years. It took about 6 months to get off. I tapered very slowly and still got nearly all the withdrawal problems mentioned above. When I started taking the drug I immediately could not remember names or words I wanted to use. There is a college professor in England that started a benzodiazepine withdrawal clinic who has published her recommendations. So we looked at http: My wife tapered off her clonazepam over a period of almost two years and did not suffer withdrawal symptoms.

She is clonazepam-free and no longer suffers from the sleep disorder. Several years ago I managed to get myself off of clonazepam. Then in I went to my rheumatologist for increased arthritis pain and he prescribed it again, along with diclofenac. The woman in question? In other words what mg or grams was she taking? That to me is very important! I have been on Cloazepam for many years and, at 78 years of age, do not have any signs yet of the mind problems discussed.

My dosage is a 0. Although my prescribed dose has been 1 mg for a decade or more for sleep When I tried to stop, I could not sleep for an entire month…. I had to go back on them to get sleep. I figure another couple of weeks. I am a 63 year old man who is very active physically and with the help of a low dose of Clonazepam 0. For me these drugs have been a Godsend. I am happy that I now feel normal, with normal ups and downs that I can live with.

The only side effects I have experienced are some loss of short term memory and trouble finding appropriate words at times. Once again I will take this over the nightmare of Bipolar symptoms any day. I just pray that side effects from any of these drugs will not someday be debilitating. I ask that you would let me know when or if you address this missive on your show. Thanks for all you do, Stephen Park. How do you find a professional who is trained in helping someone stop taking clonazepam after being on it for 25 years?

I attempted the method advised by my neuro but could not tolerate the withdrawal. I am now 3 weeks post ER and hospital admission for 4 days. I passed out and hit my head on the corner of a wooden kitchen bar stool. I was unconscious for? I am barely functioning, and have homecare help for now. People just cant imagine the torture these things can do during withdrawal. My Psychiatrist and I have decided to take a proactive approach to my getting off Clonazepam completely. We are therefore decreasing the drug very gradually tapering the dose, recognizing the often severe side effects associated with such drugs.

The taper may take months, or upwards to a year. This must be implemented by a Physician learned in this severe side effect. Many Primary Care Physicians have been prescribing for years, and may not be aware of need for very gradual withdrawal. Insurers are not Physicians, and certainly not Psychiatrists. We tried to get newer drug Intermezzio which comes in. Psychiatrist recommended cutting the. That is never mentioned. One pill consumed during a high anxiety period as opposed to 4 or 6 during the course of a day?

When my husband, age 54, suddenly died of a heart attack, I was in total shock. I was completely anxiety ridden after his unexpected sudden loss. I finally called my physician and thank goodness was prescribed alprazolam 0. Finally, I was able to sleep, to function at work and be at peace. As time passed and the emotional healing completed its lengthy cycle, I ceased taking alprazolam without adverse consequences.

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We expect comments to be civil in tone and language. Comments that do not follow these policies will not be posted. Share your own benzo experience below and rate this article by voting at the top of the post. Daily Newsletter Favorite Home Remedies. Samuel Great Falls, Montana July 23, at 8: Henry May 10, at Again, no one ever speaks the actual dose OR the age group! No, he's not 5. You horrible, horrible freak: Your bizarre, sexist ideas make you no better than common rapists, homosexuals, and Catholics, and your references to "magic transformations" mark you as an occultist trying to lure our children into satanism.

This "statue fetish" stuff is just another deformity in a mind that's probably severely damaged but drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and electronic music. I think you should be locked away in a nuthouse before you try to act out your sick delusions in the real world by dipping REAL nubile teenage girls into vats of cement or something equally sick and disturbing like that.

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Maybe not for everybody but for quite a few, including me and also one old friend of mine whose funeral I attended a few years back. By the way, that guy before he died of course taught me his bar room recipe for what he called a "Xanagator Slammer. Take a half-milligram Xanax. Fold it inside a business card. Take a blunt heavy object and bang on the card until the pill inside turns to dust. Now order a double vodka from your friendly bartender don't forget to tip!

Ahhh, tranquility is only moments away. Rosen Finally, substantive advice. Your warning, alas, comes too late. The plan outlined above was put into effect, and it seems to have been a great success, so far. I'm still feeling quite nice fifteen hours later, after a long, lovely slumber. Now when should I expect the depression to kick in? Or is it the sort of thing that only shows up with continued use?

What constitutes "any sizeable quantitiy" here? I should add, though, that an early slumber, full of strange dreams, or with no dreams at all, is not a side effect that I fear. However there is the hugely important question of "am I getting my money's worth? Cost is not a factor. The quantity of Xanax in my possession came to me free of charge. All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective companies.

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I have recently come into possession of a small quantity of alprazolam , perhaps better known by the brand name Xanax. I would like to swallow some quantity of this intriguing substance, and then repair to the local tavern in order to supplement the drug with alcohol, and then brag sloppily about my edgy lifestyle to any potential spouse in the vicinity.

How much Xanax will be adequate? More diaries by RobotSlave. It feels like I am wearing a hat. But I am bare-headed. Hey man, I've had muchas experience with alprozalam, and other fun benzodiazepenes, like Klonopin and Valium. Extended blackouts are also on the list of things that I wish to avoid. This is where disrespect for Christianity leads you.

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