Is diazepam as good as valium withdrawal symptoms

By | 06.05.2018

is diazepam as good as valium withdrawal symptoms

Intake and evaluation during which the staff at the facility will gather information about drug abuse history, previous attempts to quit, financial resources for treatment ,and your system of support. I have been taking temazepam 5 mg for 3 months and now I am taking instead 3. If you failed several times on your own, trying to withdrawal from diazepam with professional help may be your lucky charm. I suffer-from panic disorder and can not take antidepressants due to heart problems. The author of this site is not engaged in rendering professional advice or services to the individual reader. You should not stop cold turkey For shorter-acting benzos like Xanax, withdrawal may start within hours of stopping the drug.

Been struggling: Is diazepam as good as valium withdrawal symptoms

What is diazepam 10mg for During this period, symptoms diazepam drug insert for ceftriaxone sodium will experience increased cravings for Valium, lightheadedness, mild headache, mild fever, periods valium nausea, potential chills, depression, and diazepam bouts of anxiety. I apologize if I am over commenting but for me im finding some relief as I diazrpam lying here with my phone. I suggest that you call the helpline you good on withdrawal website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find diazepam best rehab program for you. From at least 20 mgs valium per day WITH alcohol to nothing. Valium acts on exactly the same receptors as Klonopin etc. I have had a really bad cough coming off Withdrawal it hits harder at nite time when trying to sleep. Initial symptoms of anxiety and good will worsen and other uncomfortable symptoms may symptoms occur.
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They can last for at least 6 weeks after stopping Valium, so strict medical surveillance is important throughout this process. Are you deciding or considering Valium detoxification? If so, we invite you to read and obtain information in this article, which will clarify many doubts about it. You can expect certain symptoms to manifest in your body during the detoxification process.

Valium diazepam is a central nervous system depressant. It is a benzodiazepine medicine used to treat anxiety and sleeping disorders. When used appropriately and prescribed for a short period of time, benzos are very effective in treating these disorders. However, any patient who has taken a benzodiazepine for longer than 3—4 weeks is likely to have withdrawal symptoms if the drug is ceased abruptly. The risk of inducing dependence can be reduced by issuing prescriptions limited to 1—2 weeks supply.

Why does this happen? Withdrawal occurs when you stop taking habit-forming drugs because the body becomes used to and adapts to chemicals. So, when the drugs are no longer present, the body still acts as if they are… until it normalizes again. So how does this apply to Valium? The diazepam contained in Valium interacts with the central nervous system as a depressant, much like alcohol. Because of this, Valium slows the brains responses down and can create a calm sedation of the body.

However, when you stop taking Valium, the body which has been compensating for the lack of diazepam by speeding up its responses does not know the difference. In this way, withdrawal symptoms occur during the period of time as the body adapts to the lack of diazepam. It is important to note that you may experience withdrawal in a delayed manner.

Some people have reported withdrawal symptoms showing up weeks after stopping Valium, for example. Additionally people report Valium withdrawal symptoms for up to a year after they stop taking Valium. Those who have developed a strong drug dependency have a harder time during withdrawal, as withdrawal symptoms can linger due to psychological effects of withdrawing from the medication.

This may be one reason why you may experience symptoms long after you stop taking Valium. Common Symptoms If you are now asking yourself: You can do it! Especially if you get the right medical help. Understanding the withdrawal process is important, because individuals who are going through withdrawal are at a higher risk for relapse. The sudden appearance of rebound anxiety and physical symptoms can be immediately countered if the individual begins to take Valium again; this makes it extremely difficult for individuals to discontinue Valium on their own without professional assistance.

Common symptoms follow, organized by symptom type. Generally, milder withdrawal symptoms especially dysphoria and insomnia have been reported following abrupt discontinuance of benzodiazepines taken continuously at therapeutic levels for several months. The more severe withdrawal symptoms have usually been limited to those who received excessive doses over an extended period of time. Doctors recommend that you withdraw from diazepam under medical supervision in all cases.

How can you best pass through withdrawal from a strong medicine like diazepam? Often, tapering down doses a little at a time can help significantly. The gradual decrease helps with depression and insomnia. However, any medical detox from Valium requires medical supervision. Here are some main concepts to keep in mind. It is important to be careful with prescription and over-the-counter medications that are used to help with symptoms and that do not interact negatively with the diazepam contained in Valium.

Seek the advice of a doctor about other ways to relieve related symptoms. You may have been taking benzodiazepines for an anxiety or other psychological disorder; following withdrawal from benzodiazepines, is likely to experience a recurrence of these psychological symptoms. Seek psychological care to address these symptoms. Often, lifestyle changes or new behaviors can be more effective in long-term care of anxiety than strong, depressant drugs.

The Ashton Manual provides you with simple Valium tapering schedule. It is never advised that you detox from Valium at home, on your own. The sudden interruption or reduction in the use of Valium may be tempting for those who want to end dependence on Valium. However, what may seem like a courageous decision could be very painful and dangerous without getting the right help. Instead, these institutions recommend that detoxification should include a gradual reduction program of Valium to reduce the risks.

Another potential danger, which could be serious, is unwanted relapse. By trying to detoxify at home, you may be unable to tolerate withdrawal symptoms. In these cases, you can re-use Valium to avoid more agony than the cessation of consumption may produce. A relapse will certainly delay recovery efforts and could generate frustration.

However, relapse can be prevented if you have access to adequate medical and psychological support that is usually available in detoxification programs. Do not be afraid to ask for help, this could save your life. If you have decided to quit Valium, it is essential that you follow the advice given in this article so that the clearing process is as smooth as possible, both for you, your family and those around you. Here are some safety suggestions:. Any concurrent alcohol abuse could make a volatile situation even more dangerous.

Self-report any medications or drinking before you attempt withdrawal. Do you still have questions about withdrawing from Valium? You are not alone! Leave us a message. I have read and agree to the conditions outlined in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Subscribe to this post. Subscribe to Addiction Blog updates. Get Addiction Help Now. Calls to any general helpline non-facility specific XX numbers for your visit IP: What are Valium withdrawal symptoms? Click here to cancel reply.

I have just read this nd the symptons you describe are spot on although I could add to he list. But I am still so shocked at the effect it has had in so short amount of time I smoked for 35 years a ever had any withdrawal symptons but this is absolute hell. Hi Gwenda I was taking valium prescribed to me by my doctor and he tapered my dose from 10mg to nothing in 4weeks.

I am on day 7 of not taking anything and I find that the symptoms are terrible in the morning. Lack of sleep and waking up feeling completely wired like my heart is going to explode. Its also difficult to eat in the morning but when I can eat I eat banana and take valerian root to take the edge off a little. My doctor also prescribed a beta blocker for heart pulpitations.

How long have you been going? Early waking in complete anxiety every over heightened panicky, going to loo more times also. Pains in toes stomach fingers It is the most awful thing I have ever been through I was taking 15 mg per day for 6 weeks.. Then the doctor said I urgently need to go back on the diazepam and be weaned off them slowly reluctantly I agreed that was the week before Xmas. It was his prescription of 5 mg twice a day for 3 days then 5 mg just once a day for three days then 2.

I did that but all the symptons came back not quite as bad but still in lots of stomach pain toes hurt neck and arm and fingers even tooth ache. And still very confused can't think straight vision still blurred heart goes off every other day and stomach acid I feel as if the dam tablets have absolutely destroyed me so I know how you feel x. I was prescribed Valium to take twice a day been on it for around 2 months missed a appointment and I'm out and they won't refill being since is a narcotic or whatever its classified as so I had to stop taking it when it ran out which was about 5 days ago now I have problems sleeping chest feels tense some tingling in my left arm on and off and way more alert ans sensitive to everything is there anything I can do to ease these I've became really aggressive and I'm not liking it at all any info would be appreciated.

It sounds like you're describing Valium withdrawal! If symptoms are persistent or become more profound, you can request medical intervention using benzodiazepine substitution medications. This way, you help ease symptoms by switching from a long-acting benzodiazepines to short half-life benzodiazepine s. Otherwise, the following medications are prescribed for more serious withdrawal symptoms: Otherwise, propranolol can help you adress all of the symptoms of diazepam withdrawal.

However, these meds are usually prescribed to people who have been on Valium for over six months or at high doses. It's possible that your case is mild, and you must need to wait out the discomfort for a while. Seek help and advice from your prescribing doctor. Hi I am 42 and have been taking diazepan 10mp one at night for 16 years now.

I have decided to get off and free myself from the person it has created. I have never taken more than precribed but relize now that I have been showing some of the symptoms of withdraw while taking one at night. My bodey has been craving more. I have been having trouble with the stress of running my bussenss and not able to think clearly. Blurred vision aswell all the symptoms I also know that it has changed me to a person who has a fogged personality.

My fellings seem dull also I can be mean at times to my family. I never reshearched it before but now know I must get off the stuff to get my life back in order. I'd suggest that you consult with your prescribing doctor to get a tapering schedule or find a new one. You need to come off diazepam slowly, especially after long term use. The usual course for a taper starts around a minimum of 6 weeks, but you can extended it, as needed.

Alternately, you might try consulting with a pharmacist for advice on tapering. Good luck and please keep us posted about your efforts! I have just come across this, are you being serious telling someone that they can taper with in 6 weeks. Thanks for your response! Those who can handle a more "aggressive" taper may consider a 6 week taper. Most will benefit from a longer withdrawal process. Thanks for sharing more about your personal experience coming off diazepam and making sure that the facts are straight!

I am just reading some of the blogs. I realise I am not alone, somehow makes me feel better. They are really good and informative. It's the awful nights that I find the hardest, such negative and hopeless feelings, I hope they pass? While it doesn't hit the Gaba A receptor, and mainly the pathway leading to the Gaba B within the Gabaergic system, it may help for SOME in alleviating some subconscious anxiety.

It's difficult in explaining but when I took Baclofen 30mg it helped with a feeling of as if your anxiety has been unmasked because of feeling a calmness I haven't experienced since a few years back before I started to take valium for anxiety. That being said, while some feel Neurontin, Lyrica can help, which it very well may, the misconcepti9on for many is that it directly is a gabergic drug-this is not true. That is why it is relatively safe on medically supervised dosages in helping some with calmness, anxiety, tension.

One thing I realized is that withdrawals for me were very psychological. The reality being the difficulty in controlling the psychological anxiety, which lead to some physiological discomfort. Just my opinion, and I respect others. Many times, proponal I helps tension in heart, feeling of that tightness, which alleviates the unwanted anxiety. That is very true, and thanks for mentioning that!

Thank you for the reply 'D' I have heard of, Baclofen, several times, I will give it a try. The last 5mg of valium seem to be the hardest. Every cut is difficult it brings the same problems every time. I just stick to one rule 'having made a cut I stick with it'. I'd like to think this is a good rule? Down to 2mg daily now and about to make another cut. Not looking forward to it.

Valium is unlike 'Z's they just seemed to fall away the lower the dose became. I just don't seem to be able to get over that last hurdle. Got it down to 5mg daily then tapered a quarter every 4 weeks. It had its ups and downs but I handled it. Then I made the mistake of cutting the last quarter in 2 weeks instead of 4. Everything was as usual, ups and downs, for the first 10 days then wow! Panic attacks,hot sweats in the night,nightmares you name it I had it the only thing that helped was to go back on the valium again.

Feel stuck now and not sure where to go, or what to do, next. Should I taper the very last quarter a lot, lot slower? Hi Keith, Sorry to hear about your struggles, but glad to see you have been tapering down and soon you will hopefully feel much better. In terms of whether you should taper the last few mgs slower, it all depends on your mental status and physiological state.

Go with how your instincts. I know it's tough, and I really applaud you for getting to the point you are at right now. It is why, while some feel the use of certain medications to help get off the final mgs would be counterintuitive, I disagree. Every person is different in how they respond to medications. Based on whether you are taking other meds already, any physical ailments, substance abuse and what kind all takes a role in whether some of these should be used.

Here is both prescribed and herbal type agents that for some is very effective in alleviating most of the psychological and physiological distress. Gabapentin, has been used and for some been effective in alleviating anxiety, even on small dosages along with muscular and neurological type sensations. It has complex properties in terms of what exactly it does, but it seems to modulate GABA. Clonidine, a blood pressure medicine, could help for some with anxiety, hot flushes, hyperthermia type symptoms and sleep.

Codeine with butalbital or Tylenol could be very useful if used for only a short amount of time as well. While some of these drugs many would say would be counterintuitive to take, I disagree as it always depends on individual needs, circumstances. Aside from baclofen, Soma another muscle relaxant has very good sedative and anxiolytic effects. There are also different herbs that I used as well when getting off benzodiazepines.

While there are differing opinions on whether some of them should be used, for me it helped and in speaking with others, they have used it also when down to the last few mgs. Passionflower, Skullcap, Kava, Valerian has good synergy. Using it with chamomile tea non-caffeine is a good combination. I recommend extract, not pill form as the liquid form is more suitable under these circumstances.

I hope you are feeling better and if you feel you want to taper off more slowly instead of using other alternatives, than there is nothing wrong with that at all. Just thought I'd give some more alternatives as they have helped me when down to the last mgs. Hi Dan thanks for your blog I it found very helpful. Thank you for finally 'leaning' me in the way forward for which I had began to think I needed.

That being a little bit of help with the final couple of hurdles. I tried several beta blockers last week and was amazed the relief it gave. Sadly they ran out just before my set back but I am in the process of getting some more along with a muscle relaxant and then having another go. It may be all in the mind but I don't care switching from to another knowing the other is very much easier to stop.

I've tried tapering off Valium Sleep Apnea on several occasions after being on it for about 7 years. I find it causes an immediate bad nights sleep Along with it are headaches, dizziness, and the foggy brain from not sleeping well. I just found Somnapure, and was taking it for three nights, while tapering down from only 2mg of Clonazapam, then a week of half, and a day or two of half again.

Thanks for posting this. Last night was the first night of none at all, and bam, the sleepless "nights from the Hot place" are right back. Today was a very unusual and cloudy day. Eye achiness is a big symptom. Now, I understand why 3 day attempts were useless, and I hope this one week taper will be enough. I've been on 1 mg of valium in the morning for 2 yrs and I want to stop.

Can I just cold turkey being such a low dose????? Generally, it's not advised to stop Valium cold turkey at any dose. Seek counsel from your pharmacist or prescribing doctor to set up a tapering schedule. I have been struggling for more than a month now and seem to be going backwards, not forwards. Trying to stop the last couple of mg just seems something I can't manage? The feeling do not get easier as you taper down.

I find they get more itence. I have been with drawing from diaepam for nearly a year. My doctor said i can stop that img at any time and i will be fine. Is is ok to stop I have had very little withdrawl sysmptoms so far. Just wanna be off nasty drug. I have been off diazapam for 32 days,however the withdrawls are too severe to keep going. I was on the diazapam for 7 months. I started reducing 1. Your insight would be appreciated. Thank you very much. What withdrawal symptoms are overwhelming for you?

Have you considered seeking treatment from a psychotherapist to learn ways to cope with anxiety? I take 1 to 2 mg of valium a day, will this low dose make it easier for me to withdraw from as I have been on this dose for over 2 years and am not sure if I still need to be on it. I'd rather not be on it but do feel the dependency for it. What does your prescribing doctor recommend? I'd seek a medical opinion first. My whole chest and upper body was racing like a car with the gas on, I went to emerg and put me back on 5 mg 2.

How ever waking up two hours after my last dose with huge heart pain and racing. Also I have stomach pain. Any help would be great. I feel like this will never be over. Oh I am taking a sleeping pill?? Oh and I have no energy at all its gone. When I do do something the next day the withdrawals are more Intense. Have you prepared for withdrawal with the help of your prescribing doctor? You need a very gradual taper to come off strong benzos like Valium.

And an individualized tapering calendar which is supervised by an MD. I have read down through the posts, but see little about acute insomnia. I built up to 15 mg of valium a day for maybe 20 years. I have gone through all the symptoms of withdrawal and would feel great about it I can go for days with no sleep. Wondering if I will ever have normal sleep again!

What does your prescribing doctor say? I have left the doctor that had me on Valium for years. Have been off Valium 4 months. Thought surely by now I would be sleeping, at least some. I started with another Internal Medicine Dr. I realize I am in acute withdrawal, but am at a loss as to what I can do. Both doctors, the one previously and my current doctor prescribed Trazodone for sleep, but I have had side effects from this So quit taking it a couple weeks ago.

Now I am not sleeping at all and feel I have hit a wall as I don't think there is a safe answer here. Hi, I have some advice that im pretty sure will help u solve you problems. After being on a benzo valium for "years", then being completely off and benzo completely would leave me to believe that yes u are in acute withdraw. Now im not sure how your tapering down process went from when you were using for those few years consistently to then completely stopping at 4 months With the years of benzo usage u take the trazadone isn't gonna do shit for u first hand exp.

So I would just explain what is going on and that u cant sleep and feel like ur withdrawing because of trying to stop to quickly without the correct tapering, monitoring, or follow up to how I was doing, and ask if u an make an appointment. Then when u talk to the doctor tell him u feel like u did the tapering down process to fast and that you need help getting off these drugs safely and in the correct and proper manner conserning the amount of tapering schedule to end with NO or VERY LITTLE withdrawal symptom's.

If you are feeling bad as the result of Valium withdrawal, it's important that you get medical help if you haven't already. At the least, you can call your prescribing doctor and ask for an individualized tapering schedule. But if this is an emergency, you may need immediate care. I got a shot of Valium at hosp. Its only been 5 days but tonight I didn't take one and I have the hot and cold sweats. I feel like vomiting. Could this be withdraws?

I've been on Valium for 6 months for meiners. I want to taper and dr told me to go from 7. I'm nervous anxious and had trouble sleeping and woke up last night with my body trembling felt like the whole bed was moving, finally fell back to sleep only to wake up again with hands trembling and shaky for a week now. I think I'm bring tapered too fast. So I'm staying on 5mg for a few weeks then I'm gonna try 5mg in the am and 2.

It also does nothing for my anxiety and panic attacks at all. I'm not quite sure. I suggest that you call the Poison Control Center at for more information about possible causes. Additionally, report the symptoms to your prescribing doctor. I am on diazepam suppository since 5 days twice a day I need to stop the drug can I withdarw from that drug. Benzo withdrawal is the worst drug withdrawal in the world!! If you have been on them for long periods of time be patient because it will be hell at first but stick with it gets better.

I took Valium for ten weeks. Started on 10 mg a day and then drop 5 mg then back on 10 and my tenth week took 5 mg and stopped. Been off one week and main symptoms very upset stomach, heart racing at times, have no energy cannot sleep,some sweating, muscles in neck tight Had to come off of it because of the upset stomach and headaches I was getting from aside effect of it. Only took it for 10 weeks! Unfortunately, these symptoms seem typical of benzodiazepine withdrawal.

It only takes a few weeks of regular daily dosing to provoke dependence, and then withdrawal, upon cessation. I have been on Diazepam 5mg for about 15yrs. I am epileptic therefore several other medications. Any idea about how long it will take or is this an individual thing? I have been taking 5 mg of diazepam at night for one year then went to half at 6pm and other half at 10 pm how do I start to tapering off. You'll need to consult individually with your prescribing doctor for a tapering schedule.

Each case of diazepam withdrawal is unique and requires special supervision. Well I've been taking valium for 24years 10mgsx3 a day. I also started noticing my memory fading and struggling to put a sentence together with out other words showing or not showing up. Just going very slowly. My withdrawal symptoms are definitely insomnia can't eat numbing i my fingers always cold. And body aches like crazy. I've been using trazadone but not helping. Plus I have been a long term user of percocett.

My real problem is no one in my family understands. Why I am so tired no energy and really not myself. I'm really doing all this for my family. My husband doesn't understand. And I have not been staying at our house. Our kids are there and I don't want them to see me like this. Well I maybe be valium free in 15months. That is how long they told me it would take.

But I will also be estranged from my family. I wish they would understand. Make it physical and relate-able. Shown them a YouTube video about it. Search for videos about "How Valium works" They need to understand the science before they can understand the symptoms. Hi, I took valium daily for about 20 yrs.. It took about 6 months complete. The last 3 weeks were. Its now been about 5 months since that last dose.. I think i had almost every withdrawal symptom in listed..

If someone had told me i was dying i would have believed them.. Read the Ashton manual online and find a doctor that will work with it.. Thankyou Bill L for sharing with us. I know I am not alone. So as of November 12 they have taken me down 1mg. So 9mgs 3 times a day. So what I have been feeling still body bone aches always very cold. My talking seems really messed up. No appetite no sleep just don't want to do anything. My left arm shakes. Losing my balance tripping and banging into stuff dropping stuff.

Feeling really bad I know it's not am overnight fixer as im typing my fingers are numb. Also total confusion forgeting things my memory is horrible I want to read back on this blog just to see the changes. Substance abuse counselor suggested my dr and I follow the Ashton Manuel. Which we are doing. She had no idea of the manual but has taken the time to research it.

I think Dr's are not up to date with this. I have found drs very unsympathetic to the valium. But lucky I found someone now who is willing to help I do know it will get worse first then better but I will do it nit from research I've done it sounds like after using valium for as long and the amount the long term effects are not good but one thing at a time I guess.

I would also like to add from what I've researched valium withdrawal should be taken seriously at the ER well im human and since ive been taking 30mgs a day for over 20years I slipped up came up short on my valium so went to ET thinking they would help me with enough pills til I saw my dr NO I told him im in the process od withdrawing bent my leg and leg took my blood pressure told me thersa I've done die diligence and basically sorry about your situation.

I explained to him now that you have told me you are not going to get ur functioning pill I was going into full panic attack I said seriously you are going to let me walk out of here with no help he said he had done everything he could do for me I told him well I guess I will be back with seizures later honestly some Dr's need to be updated on these pills and I understand the epidemic with all pills they need to understand amd and not stereotype or discriminate.

I apologize if I am over commenting but for me im finding some relief as I am lying here with my phone. I am down 3mgs from 30mgs a day so I am at 27mgs now. These last 3 days have been quite brutal. Still insomnia bad body aches and pains all over. No appetite no energy everything is such a chore alot are here is not getting done. My eyes really bug me and certain noises are so irritating and amplifying. I know now I wish I never started valium. But I am following my schedule after one slip up at the beginning.

I wish it would not take so I to get off valium. Plus we cannot afford an in house center to go to. I have faith I know its a struggle but if I can do this I can do anything. I have been taking temazepam 5 mg for 3 months and now I am taking instead 3. I suffer-from panic disorder and can not take antidepressants due to heart problems. My GP advises me to stay on that dose until my panic disorder is better. I also suffer from insomnia. Should I start reducing diazepam now?

Hi there i was on diazepam 10mg for over a year maybe sometimes 15mg then was told by my gp to just stop them but i wasnt comfortable in doing that so went down to mg for about a month i started getting few strange symptoms like feeling wide awake and then started having ringing in my ears that made my nerves seem to vibrate to certain sounds like a fan ect very strange? I wonder if you might consult with a psychotherapist or psychiatrist on this issue.

The symptoms can be both physical and psychological, and treatments can include CBT cognitive behavioral therapy or stress management. These medical professionals can help you sort out the longer term withdrawal and rebound symptoms from those that can be self-managed. I wish you the best! Hi Theresa, i just became aware you wrote to me about a month ago. How are you doing? I wanted to say how important it is to have a doctor work with you whiile your going through this..

I hope you get a MD, not just a counselor. Its very important to watch your blood pressure and pulse.. I had high bloodpressure and tachycardia Now on a beta blocker.. Its helped alot too Just remember everthing your going through will eventually pass Most of the physical problems are gone except muscle tension and anxiety I no what you mean about drs not caring much, or knowing much about withdrawals I had to have my eyes checked for problems, my heart by a cardiologist..

And a colonoscopy because of gastro problems In the end it was all withdrawals If you can, talk to you family about it. Theres a guy on youtube named Mark Thompson, he has some good videos on valium addiction, his stories and advice helped me Let me know how your doing, hopefully i can give you advice on any symptoms your going through God bless, Bill L. Just want to let everyone know how bad Valium is. My mum must of been taking these tablets for about 15 yrs.

She became very depressed tried to commit suicide 3 time , the 4 time was too late! All through my childhood she was on these , I ask why did the doctor keep prescribing these tablets for so long After reading about Valium I never relies how addictive they are. A must is to get medical help when you need to come off them. I am so saddened reading the last two blogs. I wish I never ever started using vakium. Today is one of my worst withdrawal days. I am at 26th a day now from 30th. I started the 26th tapering a few days ago my Dr and I are doing a schedule.

But today all day and right now my chills body aches mood swings body spasms are so intense is hard to deal with Clint dine seriously is what I have for withdrawal. It is not working. I just want it to go away. My insomnia is brutal please don't let me be up all night like this. I have to remember that I have been taking this lovely little blue pill for over 20 years. I thank god I am not suicidal.

I have my family grandkids husband kids. And they need me. But with withdrawal it messes with your mind so much. And to make me sleep. I already take per concert for chronic pain but of course they will not increase the dosage. I am at 80mgs a day. I'm tired I just hate everything I don't want to do anything but I have to cause of my family and animals. I hate hate hate hate my body and self right now Thank you Valium. We're rooting for you!

You can do it!!! Yes it can Crystal.. I had that bad.. Hope your doing better Theresa.. Just remember its going to take a few months even after your last dose.. If you have any questions let me know, ill keep up daily on this blog.. I have been on valium for 10 months as a vestibular depressant for meiners disease. It helps that a lot but I feel like I've been on it too long. My Ent that prescribed it has moved out of town and I don't know a taper schedule but I also don't want to get vertigo again everyday like I had.

Should I continue on the valium or try to reduce it? I just don't want to be dizzy every day from my inner ear disorder. It doesn't help with my anxiety or panic attacks at all. Never has and I have developed this disorder since I developed meiners disease. Any suggestions would help. I was on benzos for 38 years for a runny ear. I I have weaned off of them now and have been off for 3 months but my symptoms are getting stronger still could you tell me if this is normal for some people.

Just a quick question can the doctor stop 4mg of Diazapam and 3. Not a good idea Jenny Taken 15mg for ten years. Many failed withdrawals because unbelievable seizures knocked me out on highway. It was cold turkey, and I never believed in tapering, as I am now. I know my difficulty breathing is the heart muscle connected to lungs.

I feel like I'm suffocating in the morning. Take the medicine and begin yawning like crazy until I feel normal. Down to 10 mg a day within a month but do worry. Do share if you can. I have been taking valium 2mg 2times daily for 2 years. I'm now on 1mg once daily and since the switch from 1mg twice daily to once daily I am having most of the classic withdrawl symptoms. My question is should I be having these symptoms when I'm weening so slowly and on such a low dose? Does this make sense?

What can I do to alleviate the symptoms? My mother was diagnosed with manic depression when she was young and had shock treatments. She is now in her 80's and has been on a high dosage of 15 milligrams of valium a day for the last several years. She went in the hospital for a minor surgery last year and it went well but the day after her surgery the doctors had stopped the valium cold turkey and I was unaware of it.

The night before I found out that she was not getting her regular medications. I'm not a medical dr or nurse and would know that she could have a heart attack if the symptoms were bad enough and they were. Why would they be so stupid? Well I have not been here for a bit,and it's always so sad Sophie I'm so sorry,maybe if the drs were more informed of this pill,your Mother and you would be ok. Drs are unsympathetic,alot of them just want to wash their hands of you.

Nothing good comes out of this pill,only while your taking a good amount. Well down to 25mgs as of last week,my eyes blurry,numbness,really,really cranky. Not happy at all. Really dizzy,don't want to do anything,just took 12mgs,but still in my dosage for the day,just so I can float and not care. The kind words mean alot. Great honest inputs on this line. Took valium 15mg a day for ten years and after two months down to 10mg but I go through that morning jag of hell as well.

Physical needs fluctuate, so I use trazodone for sleep. I yawn like crazy when I take the valium now but know it's because my heart is relaxing again. It's an ancient medicine, but at least we didn't get oxycodin or other morphine models. Hi am 25 and I Had post traumatic stress after I and my family was attacked by armed robbers and since I dint understand my body anymore I went to see a doctor who put me on diazepam for 3weeks but the symptoms got worse cos I became unnecessarily tired and yawned alot so they ran a blood test and found I had malaria which was treated but after a while I started noticing sever headtension, trembling hands, serious ache in the eye, over sensitivity to light and sounds, insomnia, obsessive thoughts and I was a bit sluggish in thinking and unable to eat but I had to force myself to eat something 3times daily cos my body needs the nutrients to survive.

But then I read about the symptoms of the drug and decided to stop at once but before I started noticing the symptoms i was on 2. The 1st week was hell, the second was ok except for the eye ache, the 3rd week was like the 1st but a bit mild and now m on my 4th week and I still get mild headtensions and mild ache in the eyes. Some times I get depressed cos these feeling make it so hard to think you are getting better but I force myself to be happy with the hope it's gonna get better.

So far I can go about my buisness, hang out with friends even though my eyes makes me feel like m drunk and hurts like a bitch. Most people don't understand unless they are in this position so I stopped talking bout it. So I noticed I hardly sleep when alone so sometimes I sleep over at my sisters and I feel the more I get some sleep the better.

So it can only get better from here so hang in there. Just by any reading or research. You should not stop cold turkey Is this a withdrawal symptom. No doctor knows what the feeling or consequences are. I told my doctor if he was willing to bet his life on his opinion You're the best judge, but he's not your 'mother'. How are you doing Theresa? Ive found a great benzo support group online that i wish i had known about a year ago Thank you Bill L.

I will keep that in mind Well the tapering has been brutal,starting 24mgs tomorrow. But it's an absolute struggle,just very panicky knowing I'm going down,in the dosage. Effects really sticking out is my. Speech and the way I talk and say things,how they come out how I pronounce my words repeat myself,and while I'm not aware I'm doing this,my kids tell me,Mom you have already told us that so many times,stop it,my confusion,I feel real lost and stupid And body pain aches chills still and the not sleeping trazadone and clonidine,don't really help Plus I'm on percocett for chronic pain,so I'm in a real mess Otherwise leave me alone don't call me it will go straight to the answer machine,let me just sleep,so I don't feel like this.

Live on my couch pretty much,don't eat or drink much. Still just hating it all,o also on antidepressants But don't think they are helping. Sorry about venting,and cranky just telling the truth. My heart goes out to everyone with their daily struggles not easy and stay strong! Well I'm going to try and sleep now it's just after 2am,and 7am comes quick.

Well had 2 and a half hours of sleep. Slipped up ended up short by a couple of days. Though I was going to have a heart attack, stroke. Just really messed up and scared. My husband took me to the ER. Dehydrayted, and just withdrawal. Had my first seizure. They gave me 2 bags of fluid. Spent the day there. But the Dr I saw and treated me Treated me like a human, a person. She was compassionate and understanding. She actually praised me. Saying you are doing good this will happen. Shocked since the last time I had to go to Emergency the Male Dr was a complete very mean unsympathetic person who just stereotyped me as a drug addict looking for pills and sent me home.

Didn't know what to expect yesterday but all I knew was I needed medical help. Made a big difference to Me. When there is pain in the chest its the heart, it will cause the lungs to have a hard time. I take that as a sign to let up on my abstinence. Still going through withdrawal after 9months complete hell, muscle cramps, pins and needles all over my body all the time, can't Sleep.

I'm completely drained don't know how much more I can take I have been off diazepam since the end of December after years of 20mg a day. The withdrawal has been hell. Many doctors who all think I'm crazy. Today after a month of some relief the symptoms have returned and as usual I'm scared. The head pressure is the worse.

It feels like there is not enough room for my brain and my head is going to explode. I often feel dazed like I'm in an alternate reality. Is it normal to still feel withdrawal symptoms? How long will this last? After eighteen long months, of trying, I have finally done it detoxed from all benzos hooray! I have not posted anything, on here, for more than a year now but I have often sat and read the comments.

I have no advise to give anyone as I realise everyones struggle is different, just to say for me the last year has been long and hard. In the end I had to seek professional advise. I just could not do it on my own. He led the way and I followed. I will be for ever grateful to him. I wish everyone well with their struggle. Down to 10mg from 15mg, but explosion occurred. Doctor offered anti-depressant, declaring most people do this to help taper off, but don't see any mention of it here.

I was prescribed kolonlopam for sleep. After many years on this drug, it stop working. I then learned with the help of the Internet how horrible the drug was that I was on. My doctor told me I couldn't come off. I sought other help and took diazapam to tapper off. If you experience difficulties quitting, you can definitely benefit from professional help. More here on what withdrawal looks like.

Then, we invite your questions in the comments section at the end. We love feedback from our readers! In fact, we try to respond to all legitimate questions with a personal and prompt reply. A sober life is worth it! Who goes through withdrawal? Every person who has developed physical dependence on diazepam will likely experience uncomfortable symptoms after discontinuing this drug. Diazepam withdrawal is not a joke.

It can be extremely challenging. Some symptoms of withdrawal may even manifest and be confused with mood disorders or mental health issues. So, if you have attempted to quit diazepam on your own before but were unable to succeed due to the severity of withdrawal effects…keep reading. In the following sections, we outline what withdrawal feels like, how long it lasts, and how you can manage it safely. In this case, diazepam interacts with the central nervous system as a depressant.

When metabolized, diazepam slows the brains responses down and creates calmness, a state similar to peace and relaxation. In other words, withdrawal symptoms occur when you stop taking habit forming drugs because your body has become adapted to receive them regularly. So naturally, when diazepam is no longer present, your brain needs a period of readjustment to the new chemical state. Withdrawal symptoms linger until you receive your regular, daily diazepam doze or until the body readjusts on its own.

In fact, withdrawal symptoms occur during the period during which the body starts to normalize and becomes used to being clear of diazpeam again. There are two main outcomes of daily dosing of diazepam: People who use diazepam build up a tolerance to this drug after repeated use. In the end, tolerance manifests as increasing amount or dose frequency.

Not all cases of dependence develop into addiction. And not all cases of addiction present with symptoms of drug dependence. Basically, when your need for diazepam becomes more psychological than physical, you could be addicted. Physical dependence is an expected outcome that doctors plan for. Physical dependence is predictable, easily managed with medication, and is ultimately resolved with a slow taper off diazepam. Addiction is a chronic, neurobiological disease characterized by the compulsive need for a drug.

It happens over time with habitual use and abuse… and may or may not be accompanied by physical dependence. In order not to confuse the terms dependence and addiction you might find these main signs helpful:. Main signs of drug dependence: Dependence can be recognized by tolerance need to increase diazepam doses and withdrawal symptoms that manifest upon significantly lowered doses or abrupt cessation. Main signs of addiction: Addiction manifests as behavioral change s caused by the biochemical processes in the brain after continued diazepam abuse.

Basically, you go through withdrawal and see if compulsion to use continues to exist, or not. If you notice any of the above, do not despair. Addiction is a medical condition. You should not feel ashamed for having a drug problem. In fact, it can be treated medically! Medical professionals who help diagnose addiction problems include:. People who admit that they need help are truly one step ahead of the game. You can get the help that you need in a safe and effective way.

We can help you identify medical help suited to your personal needs. Symptoms of diazepam withdrawal are different for each person. The fact is that diazepam withdrawal can be severe and unpleasant. But, there are quality residential facilities that employ medically trained staff who can make your withdrawal process as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Why wait in fear? Call 1 to start down the path of recovery. You are not alone! However, PAWS post acute withdrawal syndrome can linger for several months after you initially go through withdrawal. Some people report that PAWS from benzodiazepines last from 3 to 6 months or even years after acute withdrawal. Still, there is little consensus on exactly how much time may be needed, and the duration of PAWs varies from person-to-person. Acute symptoms of diazepam withdrawal usually fade after the first few days of detox, while more persistent symptoms of diazepam withdrawal can last for several weeks.

The whole diazepam detox process lasts about weeks after your last use. As a benzodiazepine, diazepam withdrawal seems to oscillate between highs and lows. Therefore, a benzodiazepine withdrawal can be unpredictable with multiple fluctuations during the process. During this period, people typically experience restlessness and anxiety.

You can expect any of the following:. The first week of diazepam withdrawal. The first week of diazepam withdrawal is the hardest. Expect some aches and pain. People feel the greatest need for diazepam during their first week of withdrawal. The second week of diazepam withdrawal. The symptoms of diazepam withdrawal often peak in the second week after quitting. The full-blown symptoms of withdrawal start taking effect during this time and usually include muscle pain, sweating, and tremors.

Your condition should stabilize during this period and your body return to normal. Insomnia and anxiety may still bother you, but most of the major storm has passed. Many people who have developed a physical dependence on diazepam experience post-acute withdrawal syndrome PAWS. These symptoms can appear suddenly after having no symptoms for months or even years. The fist step of ending the vicious circle of diazepam addiction is facing your fear of withdrawal and asking for help.

If you failed several times on your own, trying to withdrawal from diazepam with professional help may be your lucky charm. Enroll into a rehab facility. Go through medically supervised diazepam withdrawal. Start walking the road of recovery either with the help of an inpatient or an outpatient program. The key to quitting diazepam while trying to avoid uncomfortable withdrawal is reaching for professional help.

There are specific medical treatment that our treatment consultants will explain to you. Just call for FREE at Calls are confidential, and our advisers are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with all you need to know about diazepam withdrawal and treatment programs. When you visit, expect to undergo a physical examination and to submit blood or urine for testing.

Then, if your doctor considers it safe for you to go through withdrawal at home, you will receive a tapering schedule and reduce doses gradually until you can finally stop diazepam completely. Your physician should stay available to you during the process in cases of emergency. Doctors can also prescribe you some medications or suggest over-the-counter meds for short-term management of symptoms. The safest and most effective way of quitting diazepam is to enroll into a detox facility. There are many treatment programs for diazepam withdrawal and addiction that differ in cost, environment, and length.

When you are looking for a rehab program, make sure to carefully explore your options and be prepared to work on the other psychological issues behind your addiction during therapy. Here is what the withdrawal process in medical settings generally looks like:. Intake and evaluation during which the staff at the facility will gather information about drug abuse history, previous attempts to quit, financial resources for treatment ,and your system of support.

Monitoring and support during strong cravings, crises or other health complications. Medications most commonly prescribed to ease withdrawal symptoms from diazepam are:. It depends on your specific case. People who deal with the psychological need for diazepam can greatly benefit from a stay in rehab. In fact, treatment at a detox clinic is naturally followed by rehab.

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