Round The World Trips – Scariest Airport Runways

Nervous flyers are warned: the following airports are infamous for their problematic, and often downright terrifying, runways. So, if you’re heading off on a round the world trip and don’t fancy hair-raising take offs or nail-biting landings, I’d suggest that you give the following airports a wide berth.

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport – Saba, Netherlands Antilles
Perching precariously on the very north-eastern tip of the island, this airport requires pilots to use all their skill and experience to tackle stormy trade winds and spin drifts (spray blown from the cresting waves during strong winds). As if this were not enough, the runway is only 1,300 feet long – if the landing or take off is not timed to perfection, you could end up hitting the cliffs just before the runway or ending up in the vast sea beyond. Nice.

Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Nepal
Renamed after the famous climbers who conquered Mount Everest, this runway is characterised by a monstrous mountain at one end and a drop of nearly 3,300 feet at the other. Add in to the mix one of the steepest uphill runways in the world (or downhill for take offs) and the fact that at an altitude of 9,500 feet aircraft can’t run on full power, and you have yourself one nerve-racking experience.

Tioman Island, Malaysia
The reward for braving this perilous runway is the beautiful, tropical island of Tioman, located off the east coast of Malaysia. Your pilot is made to work hard for it though: the approach involves taking the plane on a heading straight for the mountains before performing a 90 degree turn to line up the runway, which is worryingly short with a cliff at the end. Valium, anyone?

Paro Airport, Bhutan
The approach into Paro Airport requires such skill and expertise that only eight pilots in the world are qualified to make the landing. So the good news is that you’re in safe hands. The bad news is that the runway is tucked away in a narrow valley, surrounded by 16,000 foot high Himalayan peaks and the area is prone to strong winds that whip across the mountains and up the valley. Stomach droppingly scary.

Toncontin Airport, Honduras
Located in a bowl-like valley, pilots must perform a dramatic 45 degree, last minute bank in order to touch down safely. Surrounded by mountains, the runway is too short to accommodate anything larger than a Boeing 757. Buckle up and hold on tight.

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Types of Late Term Abortion Procedures

An abortion involves many types of procedures. When it comes to do the surgery, doctors express their preferences to use one or even a combination of various methods so as to carry out the procedure successfully. There are basically three late term abortion procedures. They are mentioned herein below:

* The first one is the induced labor. The preterm labor is induced after the process of fetal death in utero is performed. This mainly happens in second or third trimester abortions. As per the medical reports from around the world, the induction of labor is considered to be efficient and successful. It is much safer than the other procedures. On your first visit to the office, you will be sedated with medications which will include antianxiety agents such Valium. This will be given to you so that you will feel or not even remember the anxiety or any kind of discomfort. These help in crossing the placenta and also cause the fetus to get dormant. Once it is done, the medications are instilled into the intrauterine cavity. It is sometimes also directly instilled into the fetus, which ultimately stops the heart beat of the fetus. There is a sterile seaweed, Laminaria is inserted inside the cervix area which allows the opening that takes place overnight. This helps in lessening the complications that may happen because of the tears of the cervix. You will get back to the facility the next morning and the labor will get started. For this, you will be given medications like prostaglandins that will make the labor to happen.

* The next procedure is dilation and extraction. Once everything mentioned above is done, the serial dilators will be used, but only if the doctor thinks any surgical process is required. After a sufficient amount of dilation has been done, the doctor will gently extract the fetus by making use of a special kind of forcep. This procedure takes around ten to thirty minutes, and even some hours to complete it. However, before you undergo the surgery, you will be given an amount of anesthesia so that you do not feel the pain.

* The next procedure is hysterotomy. This procedure can be considered to be very similar to Caesarean section. Before you undergo this procedure, you will be given epidural anesthesia. It will numb the lower part of your body.

There are other procedures as well apart from these. But these three are the most opted for., a reputed late term abortion clinic in USA provides best treatments for late term abortion by the highly trained doctors and physicians in New York, Maryland and surrounding areas.

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Treatment for Canine Epilepsy

If your dog begins to have seizures, it’s crucial that you get him to a veterinarian immediately for an evaluation. If your dog is diagnosed with epilepsy, the following article will outline some ways that these seizures can be controlled. One of the first things you need to understand though is that epilepsy may not be the cause of your dog’s seizures. There could be something else to blame such as a brain tumor or some kind of injury caused to your dogs head, it could even be down to your dog coming into contact with harmful toxins. If these are the reasons for your dogs epilepsy then the following treatments will not help in the slightest.

Do not try these options before you have actually had your dog diagnosed as epileptic by a vet, do not just assume that epilepsy is the cause. If your dog only suffers from seizures occasionally and not as frequently as once a month, then it is advised that you do not need to treat it. You should keep in mind that the purpose of treatment is to reduce the frequency and intensity of the seizures, and that in many cases the seizures will continue in spite of the treatment, so don’t give up and don’t get discouraged.

Anti-Epileptic Drugs, or “AED’s” are usually the first choice of treatment options, with Phenobarbitol and Potassium bromide being the two most commonly prescribed drugs, sometimes independently and sometimes together, if administering just one of them does not produce sufficient seizure control. Diazepam, more commonly known as Valium, can be used if the seizures come one after another or last longer than 5 minutes. These types of seizures are called cluster seizures (status epilepticus). In my research for this article I was surprised to find that Primidone is still on the list of potential treatment options; however, because of the high concentration of liver enzymes that have been reported and other side effects such as lethargy and excessive hunger and thirst, I was always told that this drug should never be considered, and I knew it by the nickname of “Primadon’t” among my fellow owners of epileptic dogs. Repeated studies have shown that Neurontin (gabapentin) is also effective in the treatment of seizures. Researching these studies is a good idea for anyone considering the use of AED’s. With Anti-Epileptic Drugs liver enzymes can become increased, this can cause issues for you dog and so you will need to have regular tests done in order to determine that your dogs liver is not suffering.

There are alternative treatments you can try such as acupuncture and gold bead implants, this is where gold beads are placed inside the acupuncture areas. Acupuncture is something worth a try, however the use of gold bead implants is something better avoided unless a last resort.

Diet, Homeopathy and Vitamin Therapy. I believe that diet plays a critical role in the treatment of canine epilepsy, because many commercial dog foods are full of chemical dyes and preservatives. In dogs that have a low seizure threshold, preservatives can cause seizures. So eliminating preservative from their diet can help reduce seizure frequency. In my case the change of my dogs diet from manufactured dog food to fresh, raw food with fresh green vegetables did more good than the use of Anti-Epileptic Drugs. Working in conjunction with a holistic veterinarian in order to ensure you are feeding your dog the right kinds of food can also be very helpful. Vitamins and homeopathic treatments that a holistic vet can offer can also make a difference. If your water supply has fluoride added then you should invest in a filter for your dogs water.

Rescue Remedy and Ice Cream. You can pick up ‘Rescue Remedy’ in most health stores, you should add 4 drops of this to your dogs mouth when a seizure starts, it can help lessen the seizure dramatically. Another great idea is to give your dog some preservative free vanilla ice cream once the seizure has finished, dogs are only small and a seizure can be hard on their body, giving them some ice cream afterwards helps bring their blood sugar levels back up. It is also nice for your dog after going through a seizure, with mine it would actually happily go to his bowl waiting for some ice cream after each seizure.

Sandra DeMers is the author of “Cory’s Story,” the story of a yellow Labrador retriever suffering from dog seizures that will absolutely AMAZE you. Cory is alive, happy and healthy at the age of 13 and hasn’t had a seizure in over 5 years. Visit to learn Sandra’s secret to good canine health and ways to deal with dog seizures–you’ll be surprised when you learn the truth.

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