How to Live With Hypoglycemia: Low Blood Sugar, What It Can Do To You, What You Can Do About it

Hypoglycemia is the opposite of diabetes and means too little sugar in the blood. Symptoms include fatigue, nervousness, sharp hunger, trembling, sweating, rapid heartbeat, mood swings and more. Hypoglycemia is often correctable by a change in diet or, when caused by a diseased organ (such as the liver or pancreas), by treating that part of… Read More »

Excedrin Extra Strength Caplets for Headache Pain Relief, 200 count

Excedrin Extra Strength headache medicine has a fast-acting formula that delivers powerful relief from headache symptoms. For some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. With 2 pain fighters and an amplifier, Excedrin Extra Strength helps you fight headaches, fast. Excedrin Extra Strength’s combination of active ingredients, acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine, offer a fast-acting, non-prescription headache… Read More »